Who we are

Convenience comes first. When you wait for the postman to deliver the package to you, you look nervously out the window or go to check the contents of the box. It would be all the easier if he simply rang the bell when he arrived and you picked up the shipment in peace and without stress. But that's not how it works. Even a postman is comfortable. So you start thinking about how to simplify it a bit. To both of you. What about a sensor that detects if your mailbox is full or empty and sends you an SMS or email about it? So you start looking - but no one has such a sensor. No one has made it yet.

That was the inputs why we started developing our first sensor in 2018. During development, we thought, why don't they offer this solution to others? After all, we are not alone with this inconvenience.

This was the moment, when Home Technologies was born.

And of course, there are many more stories where technology can make your life easier. And that is our goal. Bringing a solution that will make your daily activities easier will save you time and worries.

Our vision

The world where technology serves us, not slave us. The best technology is the one you don't even know you have.

Our mission

Bring at least one piece of our technology to each household and show what is possible.