Our portfolio

Our products are designed for companies and households as well. Especially for users who want to simplify their lives and reduce the time spent on unnecessary activities. Why wait in front of the garage before it opens? It can be open when I get to it. Why check the postal box every day even when it is empty? All you have to do, is pick it up when something is inside. Our portfolio includes a number of different types of sensors and action elements that communicate with each other and create a unique smart grid. The more devices you have, the smarter the whole system is. However, even a single device can work completely independently and fully, and you can enjoy the comfort it will bring. A smarter home today is not luxury anymore, but a standard.

Temperature sensor

- Temperature meas. (-40 až +85°C ±2°C)
- Humidity meas. (0 až 100% ±5%)
- Pressure meas. (750 - 1100 hPa ±2hPa)
- USB power supply (5 VDC)
- Consumption < 0,5W
- Wifi 802.11 b/g/n

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Relay actuator

- 2 independent realy channels (switch)
- Extern control button
- Max. load 1A/250VAC or 0,5A/50VDC
- Power supply 230VAC
- Consumption < 1W
- Wifi 802.11 b/g/n

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PostBox sensor

- Detection of Post Box content
- Unique construction
- Power supply from 9 to 15 VAC/VDC
- POE ready
- Consumption < 3W
- Wifi 802.11 b/g/n, LAN (static IP)

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- Universal accustic and visual output
- LED display (6x24 RGB LED)
- Integrated clock, Buzzer (85db)
- Power supply 9 to 15 VAC/VDC
- PoE ready
- Wifi 802.11 b/g/n, LAN (static IP)

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Database portal

- Control of actuators
- Historical data view
- View of the signal in graphs
- Public IP address not needed
- Dashboards
- Notification

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Mobile application

- Android
- Device configuration
- Dashboards
- Notification
- Full access to the devices
- Remote control over internet

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Simple notifier

- Android
- Notification
- Mobile or tablet
- Contacts
- Small app size
- Minimalistic design

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Application for PC

- Windows OS
- Device searching
- Quick access to device
- IP address details
- Serial number details
- Easy installation

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