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After connecting the Home Technologies device to your home network, the device will obtain a unique IP address, which is difficult to find without the right tools. And that's exactly what the HT Device Scanner application is for! The application can scan the entire network and find all the Home Technologies devices you have connected. The complete scan takes only a few minutes and the found device will immediately appear in the list, where you will see both the device name and serial number, IP address and connection type (WiFi or LAN). By double-clicking on the device in the list, an Internet browser will open at the given IP address, where you can then perform the required device configuration. To facilitate your work, the application is also supplemented with buttons that take you to the Home Technologies home page, to the e-shop and to the MARS database. How to install? Clicking the Download button will save the HTDeviceScannerSetup.msi file to your computer. Once launched, a dialog box will open in which you must first agree to the license terms, and then select the location of the program. The installation itself then takes a few seconds and the application is ready for the first run! Note: The first time you start Windows Defender Smartscreen, it may disable the application from starting. However, there is nothing to worry about, the application is completely safe, so you can ignore this warning.


Find all Home Technologies devices connected to the network
Quick access to device IP address
Quick access to the Home Technologies website
Modern user interface

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Windows OS
.NET Framework 4.5.2. or higher
Installation size: 4 MB
Version 1.0