PostBox sensor


This is a unique device that is used to detect printed matter in your mailbox. The device communicates via Wi-Fi or LAN. This is a unique product that does not currently have direct competition. The device is placed on the bottom of the mailbox so that at least one of the three scanning elements is covered when the printed matter is inserted.

You can then receive information about the insertion of printed matter as a message on a mobile phone in the form of a notification or as an email, or it is also possible to display the information on our information panel "Bell of the 21st Century". This is a unique product, thanks to which you will never have to unnecessarily check the contents of your mailbox manually and you can verify everything from the comfort of the TV or remotely, for example from work.

The device has universal dimensions and mounting, and is therefore suitable for most mailboxes. It can be used mainly in family houses, cottages or in places where you cannot or do not want to physically check your mailbox every day.


A popular device for anyone who is far from a mailbox and doesn't like to open an empty mailbox every day. The mailbox content detector is a practical helper for smart homes, whether new buildings or already built objects. The practical size of 77mm x 182mm x 21mm can be placed in almost all mailboxes. The leading edge slips the printed matter in front of the sensors. The detector is set for most mailboxes, but calibration can also be performed in case of reduced sensitivity.

Don't want to pull the LAN cable and power? Use our POE set (injector and distributor always in pairs) and power supply. Even an ordinary 12V 1A power supply is enough for you to solve the connection and power supply using one Ethernet cable using an RJ45 connector. The POE distributor supplied by us fits into the detector box directly in the mailbox and thus does not take up space for printed matter.

The device was developed and is manufactured in the Czech Republic by Czech developers.


Device is fully compatible with MARS cloud system, to which it enables sending measured data and access them from anywhere in the world. In MARS you can view retrieved data organized in own dashboard in form of digit or chart. Functionality of MARS is supported by two applications for Android devices, which serves for easy access to system, adding of new device or setup and displaying of phone notifications.

MQTT & Home Assistant

Each device in the Home Technologies family includes a built-in ability to connect to any MQTT server to display data, as well as control the device if it is an actuator. Our devices can easily connect, for example, with the popular Home Automation system Home Assistant, where communication takes place using the aforementioned MQTT protocol. For your convenience, we have prepared instructions for you on how to set everything easily. Instructions can be downloaded HERE.

Technical parameters

Three sensing optical elements
Power supply 9 to 15 VAC / VDC, PoE ready
Max power consumption 5 W
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WPA
LAN 100 Mbit/s, static IP
Home Assistant support and others
Dimensions (H-W-D): 77mm x 182mm x 21mm
Weight: 95g
Operating humidity: 20 % to 80 %
Operating temperature: -20 °C to 50 °C
Storage humidity: 10 to 90 %
Storage temperature: -20 °C to 60 °C

Package Contents

1 × PostBox sensor
1 × Operating instructions


User manuals and firmware can be downloaded from the product support page
Product support Technical list EU Declaration of Conformity




Elegant white version

Elegant white version

Elegant white version

Elegant white version

Elegant black version

Elegant black version