Relay actuator


It is a universal wireless two-channel Wi-Fi relay. The device is powered by 230 VAC mains voltage. It contains two independent switching relay contacts, which ensures high variability of use. The device is primarily intended for installation in ceilings, for placement behind a cabinet or in a switchboard box. The advantage of this device is the presence of external switching inputs. It is therefore possible to connect a classic mechanical button to the relay, which can be used to control the relay. This solution has a huge advantage, for example, in the case of using a device for controlling a garage door or gate, where it is not always necessary to pull out a mobile phone or wait for an automatic signal to start, but you can initiate a change using a standard button.

Possible applications

- switching of heaters at low temperatures
- cooling switching at high temperatures
- humidifiers at low humidity
- and dehumidification in critical humidity
- opening and closing of garages or fence gates
- switching lights in case of absence at home
- switching of blowers for WWTP
- switching off pumps
- control of christmas lights
- and many more

Recommended wiring diagram


An extremely successful piece from our workshop, which heard the call of many do-it-yourselfers. The device not only can be controlled remotely, but it is also equipped with a terminal block for connecting buttons for situations when you want to start it "old" with your hand on the switch. The device offers 2 relays and that means control of two independent circuits. Switching relays can withstand 10A loads and can therefore be recommended for lighting and energy-efficient applications. For mounting on a wall or ceiling, a practical holder is available, which is first attached to the desired location, then the relay module snaps into it.

The device can also be set to various modes of timers, timers and buttons for various situations that need to be solved in normal and unusual life. Any number of sensors can be placed in the home network up to the full occupancy of IP addresses.

The device was developed and is manufactured in the Czech Republic by Czech developers.


Device is fully compatible with MARS cloud system, to which it enables sending measured data and access them from anywhere in the world. In MARS you can view retrieved data organized in own dashboard in form of digit or chart. Functionality of MARS is supported by two applications for Android devices, which serves for easy access to system, adding of new device or setup and displaying of phone notifications.

MQTT & Home Assistant

Each device in the Home Technologies family includes a built-in ability to connect to any MQTT server to display data, as well as control the device if it is an actuator. Our devices can easily connect, for example, with the popular Home Automation system Home Assistant, where communication takes place using the aforementioned MQTT protocol. For your convenience, we have prepared instructions for you on how to set everything easily. Instructions can be downloaded HERE.

Technical parameters

Two independent relay channels (switching)
Max load 1A/230VAC or 0,5A/50VDC
Power supply 230VAC, max. 5W
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WPA
Home Assistant support and others
Dimensions (H × W × D): 27mm x 69mm x 129mm
Weight: 98 g
Operating humidity: 20 % to 80 %
Operating temperature: -20 °C to 50 °C
Storage humidity: 10 to 90 %
Storage temperature: -20 °C to 60 °C

Package Contents

1 × Relay actuator
1 × Operating instructions


User manuals and firmware can be downloaded from the product support page
Product support Technical list EU Declaration of Conformity

Documentation - Self-extinguishing material
Power supply certification




Elegant white version

Elegant white version

Elegant black version

Elegant black version

Elegant white version

Elegant white version

Elegant white version

Elegant black version