Temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor


This is a unique device that measures temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. All data is then available via WiFi 802.11 b / g / n. The device contains a built-in web server, so it is possible to view the measured data by direct access to the IP address of the device. The device also allows you to send data to a cloud system MARS, which can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. This functionality is also supported by a specially developed Android application for mobile phone and tablets.

The device can be easily configured via the internal web interface. It is easy to set parameters for WiFi connection, adjust the offset of measured quantities, which is advantageous in cases where the device is operated near a heat source that constantly affects its measured quantities. If the device is not connected to a WiFi network, it automatically creates a Hotspot, which can be easily connected via a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The basic measured data, ie temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, are further supplemented by a sophisticated calculation algorithm, and therefore the device provides computed data on the sensory temperature, dew point temperature or approximate altitude.

The device is fully compatible with other Home Technologies devices. It includes a special algorithm that can automatically detect other compatible devices on the network and pair these devices using user-configurable events. For example, it is possible to set an event where, when the temperature defined by you is exceeded, the relay on the relay module is switched on and the fan is started. Device configuration is very easy, fast and intuitive.

The device excels with its small dimensions, which are similar to USB flash memory. It is powered via the USB connector, which allows the device to be connected to a standard USB adapter, TV port, router, computer, etc. Another advantage of the device is its ecological operation, where the actual consumption of the device does not exceed the value of 0.5W, which is significantly less than the consumption of most common devices in the Stand-By mode. The body of the device is made with the latest 3D printing technologies.

The device is designed for operation in buildings, apartments, offices, halls and other indoor spaces.


It is a practical sensor for measuring temperature, humidity and pressure. It can be placed wherever you have a USB with 5V. Can be used in combination with old chargers that supplied less than 0.5A. In case you do not have - choose a 5V / 1A adapter from our offer.

Any number of sensors can be placed in the home network up to the full occupancy of IP addresses.

In combination with our application or web interface, you can get an aesthetic overview of temperatures, humidity and pressure from individual sensors. You can choose either each sensor in one frame or several trends in one graph.

The device was developed and is manufactured in the Czech Republic by Czech developers.


Device is fully compatible with MARS cloud system, to which it enables sending measured data and access them from anywhere in the world. In MARS you can view retrieved data organized in own dashboard in form of digit or chart. Functionality of MARS is supported by two applications for Android devices, which serves for easy access to system, adding of new device or setup and displaying of phone notifications.

MQTT & Home Assistant

Each device in the Home Technologies family includes a built-in ability to connect to any MQTT server to display data, as well as control the device if it is an actuator. Our devices can easily connect, for example, with the popular Home Automation system Home Assistant, where communication takes place using the aforementioned MQTT protocol. For your convenience, we have prepared instructions for you on how to set everything easily. Instructions can be downloaded HERE.

Technical parameters

Measuring range:
- Temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C ±2 °C
- Relative humidity: 0 % to 100 % ±5 %
- Atmospheric pressure: 750 hPa to 1100 hPa ±2hPa
Power supply: 5V DC, 100 mA
Wi-Fi : 802.11 b/g/n, WPA
Home Assistant support and others
Size (H × W × L): 11 × 27 × 79 mm
Weight: 17 g
Operating humidity: 20 % to 80 %
Operating temperature: -20 °C to 50 °C
Storage humidity: 10 to 90 %
Storage temperature: -20 °C to 60 °C

Package contents

1× Sensor for measuring temperature, humidity and pressure
1× User manual


User manuals and firmware can be downloaded from the product support page
Product support Technical list EU Declaration of Conformity




Elegant black version

Elegant black version

Elegant black version

Elegant black version

Elegant black version

Elegant white version

Elegant white version

Elegant white version