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Our products are designed for households, for users who want to simplify their lives and reduce the time spent on unnecessary activities.

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Device covers are made using 3D printing. We process data within our own secure cloud database (MARS), provide a free application for Android. Supporting MQTT and connection to Home Assistent.


You will find all our products clearly arranged in the E-shop. Start with just one device, for example. Just for a test.

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Our Products

Inside matters!

One application, one system, a million options.

Smart is not just a word!

As much devices is on the grid, the more smart the whole system is – all thanks to unique technique of communication and data sharing. Devices talking each other and creating something bigger. Something smarter. Your smart home system will start predict your needs and you maybe even don’t notice it. This is the real smart home! When technology helping you without no explicit interaction. Imagine that you come home late evening. The lights are switch on the exact moment when you step into the room, and they are switched off just after you leave. The cooker is automatically turned off when you are not at home or you going to sleep. And next hundreds of small things. Just imagine it.

Sensors and actuators can be connected in the way, that creating any function you need. You can create a security system for the house, you can control air conditioning, lights, check the mail box or control the garage door. Or do all at once. Some features and functions are created automatically, others can be easily added through the user interface to meet your needs. This is not science fiction! This is Home Technologies!